Dawn has come of the age where everything human desires are delivered through sophisticated technology with ICT and electrical technology at the centre of it. The more technology migrate from dependency to fossil fuels (coal and petroleum) the more it becomes dependent of electrical power, be it hydro, gas, nuclear or cleaner power (wind and solar).
The present and the future comfort of human life therefore depend on how we ensure presence of accurate and immediate solution to challenges coming along with over dependency on ICT and electricity on enjoying our life styles and shaping our own destiny.
Responding to the need of ensuring a satisfied clientele, we at Times Horizon Limited opted to focus on five solution areas which directly impacts human comfort, domestically and industrially. Our services offer technical solutions in the fields of Telecommunication, ICT, Mechanical, Electrical and Security systems.
Our focus areas come to lubricate the pathway towards new target to industrialise Tanzania in fulfillment of the ambitious goal of taking the country to medium income economy come 2025. We are happy to facilitate individual and collective efforts of entrepreneurs by offering immediate technical solutions to huddles that they will be facing, as they struggle to set and run their home based factories as well as of those running full fledged industries.
I welcome you to use our technical services as I guarantee you that earning your trust is the centre of our business as we deliver to your pleasure.
-Adinani Shekutu
CEO – Times Horizon LTD