Fingerprint or Biometric authentication is the most efficient and accurate method of capturing employee attendance, biometric devices help eliminate buddy punching and convenient tracking of exact employee clock in/out activities.

Equipped with latest technology and innovation, our fingerprint clock devices bring you best in class fingerprint sensors and fingerprint validation algorithms. The device also allows to capture multiple finger fingerprints for any employee. Based on options, use fingerprint/password/facial recognition/RFID card options to authenticate employees.


The use of an electronic attendance management system can save time and money. Supervisors manage scheduling to ensure department duties are covered with the system. Additionally, it reduces errors made from manual calculations

One thing that can quickly absorb company profits is low productivity. No one disputes manually entering hours worked each pay cycle is a laborious and tedious task. However, many companies continue to use this familiar process. On average, five hours per day is spent processing payroll in this manner.Not only is this process prone to more errors, but a company experiences fewer financial successes. However, automating employee time with an effective system ensures time records are error-free.