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The electronic transmission of information over distances, called telecommunications, has become virtually inseparable from computers: Computers and telecommunications create value together.

       Telecom Installation

A telecom installation is purely the connection to the Proximus network. The technician mounts a Proximus wall socket (NTP 2007) and connects you to it. You connect other devices (e.g. modem) yourself.
it is very important that you know what to expect, and what not, as well as what we you need to do and think of beforehand. May we ask you to visit and carefully read the special webpage with all details.
What do you need to do BEFORE the installation

  • You should be available for the installation at all time at the telephone number that was provided during the ordering process.

  • Upon arrival of the technician, you should be immediately available.

  • It is crucial that you are aware of what the technician will do and will not do and where he needs to perform the work.

  • Decide in advance where the NTP2007 will need to be installed and make sure that the technician is being informed of this location upon his arrival.
  • Make sure that you have the necessary security clearance, keys, passwords … in order to guarantee that the technician has immediate and smooth access to:
    - The building (if necessary, make the necessary arrangements with your security staff);
    - The room where the Proximus entry point in the building is located;
    - The server room (if necessary);
    - Any other location where the technician may need to perform work.
  • If necessary, the technician will install an NTP2007 at the Proximus entry point in the building.
  • The technician will assemble the (copper pair) line on the NTP2007 wall socket, then test it and finally label it with a Circuit ID.
  • Make sure that free internal wiring is present between the Proximus entry point and the room where the modem is installed (or will be installed later).
  • Make sure that at least one (1) 230V power socket is available at the location you want the NTP2007 installed.
  • Remove any obstacles (furniture, boxes …) that may hinder the technician performing the installation.